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Prepare for Changing Weather Conditions in Boston

Unpredictability is the essence of Boston’s weather, constantly shifting from one moment to another. Thankfully, a local adage succinctly captures this phenomenon: “If the weather in Boston displeases you, simply wait for a moment.” Despite having four distinct seasons, there is considerable overlap, such as occasional warmth during winter and surprisingly cold days in early June on many occasions.

Situated along the coast, Boston experiences erratic weather patterns that lead to rapid fluctuations in temperature and other atmospheric conditions. It is not uncommon to witness howling nor’easters, blinding blizzards, torrential downpours, and the occasional hurricane. Although tornadoes are infrequent in this region, they do occur.

It is crucial to be prepared for the occasional extremes that you may encounter, particularly if you plan to drive here during the winter season. Winter weather demands heightened readiness due to its potential challenges.

Additional insights into Boston weather

Boston Marathon Weather – If you are training for the marathon, past records suggest that you may be surprised by the year-to-year variations in weather conditions.

Recording and Averaging High and Low Temperatures and Precipitation in Boston Every Month

Take a glance below at the average monthly temperatures and other weather statistics in Boston.

Pay particular attention to the highest and lowest recorded temperatures. While these are extreme values, in many other years, temperatures can come close to these extremes. Therefore, when you’re preparing for your trip, it’s advisable to be prepared!

You’ll also observe that precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with each month receiving between 3 and 4 inches of precipitation, except for February, which has fewer days. The month of March experiences the highest average amount of precipitation in a year.

Keep in mind that during freezing weather, a few inches of precipitation can translate into a significantly larger accumulation of snow.

Weather in Boston during January

Highest recorded temperature for January: 72°F (1950)

Lowest recorded temperature for January: -13°F (1882)

Average high temperature for January: 36°F

Average low temperature for January: 22°F

Average precipitation for January: 3.4 inches

Weather in Boston during February

Highest recorded temperature for February: 73°F (2017)

Lowest recorded temperature for February: -18°F (1934)

Average high temperature for February: 39°F

Average low temperature for February: 25°F

Average precipitation for February: 2.9 inches

Weather in Boston during March

Highest recorded temperature for March: 89°F (1998)

Lowest recorded temperature for March: -8°F (1872)

Average high temperature for March: 45°F

Average low temperature for March: 31°F

Average precipitation for March: 4.3 inches

Weather in Boston during April

Highest recorded temperature for April: 94°F (1976)

Lowest recorded temperature for April: 11°F (1874)

Average high temperature for April: 56°F

Average low temperature for April: 41°F

Average precipitation for April: 3.7 inches

Weather in Boston during May

Highest recorded temperature for May: 97°F (1880)

Lowest recorded temperature for May: 31°F (1882)

Average high temperature for May: 66°F

Average low temperature for May: 50°F

Average precipitation for May: 3.5 inches

Weather in Boston during June

Highest recorded temperature for June: 100°F (1952)

Lowest recorded temperature for June: 41°F (1945)

Average high temperature for June: 76°F

Average low temperature for June: 60°F

Average precipitation for June: 3.7 inches

Weather in Boston during July

Highest recorded temperature for July: 104°F (1911)

Lowest recorded temperature for July: 50°F (1988)

Average high temperature for July: 81°F

Average low temperature for July: 65°F

Average precipitation for July: 3.4 inches

Weather in Boston during August

Highest recorded temperature for August: 102°F (1979)

Lowest recorded temperature for August: 46°F (1940)

Average high temperature for August: 80°F

Average low temperature for August: 65°F

Average precipitation for August: 3.4 inches

Weather in Boston during September

Highest recorded temperature for September: 102°F (1881)

Lowest recorded temperature for September: 34°F (1914)

Average high temperature for September: 74°F

Average low temperature for September: 57°F

Average precipitation for September: 3.4 inches

Weather in Boston during October

Highest recorded temperature for October: 90°F (1963)

Lowest recorded temperature for October: 25°F (1936)

Average high temperature for October: 61°F

Average low temperature for October: 47°F

Average precipitation for October: 3.9 inches

Weather in Boston during November

Highest recorded temperature for November: 83°F (1950)

Lowest recorded temperature for November: -2°F (1875)

Average high temperature for November: 52°F

Average low temperature for November: 38°F

Average precipitation for November: 4.0 inches

Weather in Boston during December

Highest recorded temperature for December: 76°F (1998)

Lowest recorded temperature for December: -17°F (1933)

Average high temperature for December: 41°F

Average low temperature for December: 28°F

Average precipitation for December: 3.8 inches

The weather data has been provided by the National Weather Service, with records for Boston dating back to 1872. The record high and low temperatures are based on the period from 1872 to the present, while the average temperatures and precipitation are calculated for the period from 1981 to 2010.

What to Expect in Terms of Weather Each Month

To provide you with a more detailed understanding of the weather patterns month by month, here are overviews of Boston’s weather accompanied by numerous photos showcasing the appearance of Boston throughout the year. Additionally, you’ll find activity recommendations and suggestions for packing:

January Weather – Expect very cold temperatures, typically with clear skies, unless there is snowfall or a sudden warm spell occurs.

February Weather – Anticipate abundant snowfall, although there may be occasional warmer days causing some of the snow to melt.

March Weather – Prepare for cold and blustery conditions, yet rejoice as the days grow longer, temperatures rise, and the sky displays a brilliant blue hue.

April Weather – Experience the city’s excitement as spring begins to arrive, accompanied by blossoming trees that burst into vibrant colors.

May Weather – Witness the shift towards outdoor activities, as flowering plants and breathtaking magnolias create a stunning spectacle.

June Weather – Generally described as “perfect,” although intermittent humidity and rain showers can occur.

July Weather – Embrace the heat! Explore the Boston Harbor Islands or head to the beach for a refreshing escape.

August Weather – Immerse yourself in the lazy, steamy, hot days of summer. Take advantage of the abundance of ripe produce at local markets, and enjoy dining at sidewalk tables outside every restaurant.

September Weather in Boston – Relish warm and dry air accompanied by clear blue skies. This month offers sparkling days and pleasant nights.

October Weather – Expect dry and warm days adorned with the vibrant hues of autumn. Towards the end of the month, there may be occasional snowfall.

November Weather – Delight in gorgeous days, albeit colder with a nip in the air, signaling the impending arrival of winter.

December Weather – Witness the short and cold days of winter, where brilliant sunshine competes with snow for dominance.

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